I had my first autocross event last month and did pretty good for a first-timer (7th out of 12th in a class I shouldn'tve been in!). Since I loved it, I came back again this month for another event. First, a quick breakdown of the car since it's relevant to the story: I drive a mostly stock E36 320i (yes, with a 2.0L straight six. You Americans didn't get them). The car has a lightweight flywheel and semi-racing clutch, but that doesn't really have any effect on autocross times. More important are my tires: on all four corners are 8" wide Pilot Super Sports that replaced the 12 year old, 7" wide eco tires that were on the car when I got it.

The day started poorly as I DNFed my first lap by going off course at the last cone. I set a clean lap next run but wasn't happy with my time. Finally, I went rather violently off course on my third run. I returned to the pits and was walking away from my car when I heard a dreaded hiss coming from the back right tire - uh oh. I got the car up in the air and sure enough, I had a massive puncture in my tire. At this point, I was planning on going home. I had someone drop off two of the shitty old tires I had, planning to drive those home. After swapping out the culprit, I decided to do the other side as well, for safety. During that, a friend came over and suggested I just race on those.

And race I did. I gave up on times and just thrashed that car around the course and had boatloads of fun giving rides to people. It seems that this setup gave the car the sort of dynamic drift cars have, with tons of grip on the front and enough power to break the back end out. The feeling of freedom not giving two shits about my already bald back tires was phenomenal. My friend was kind enough to lend me his gopro for my last two runs and I got some decent footage of the car sliding. Without further ado, here are my last two runs:

Please ignore my devilishly handsome face as well as my appropriate shirt.

This next run was a bit more eventful with me losing control near the end.

Even though I didn't get to compete, I still had an awesome day and I learned more about car control than I would have in 6 sessions of proper driving.