I got lots of feedback from you guys, and it was all great, so thank you. The most common theme was, of course, hours, and everyone seemed to agree I should somehow be open until 1900. I think this is a good idea, but as I’m currently the only one here I need to get creative.

The biggest problem I have is that it would be “dangerous” to constantly play with hours, even if it was for a month at a time. Otherwise, I would try 1000-1900 next month. I generally sit on my ass all morning anyway, so 1000 would be good. But the biggest reason I don’t want to open late is that every other smog shop opens at 0800 here. But, perhaps I need to just start tracking how many smogs I’m doing in the morning. And I really hated myself I could actually go back to previous years and rifle through the smog reports to see how many were done in the morning. I can also talk to the previous owner to see how often he was busy in the morning. The key here is to get back to his numbers, so if he was always busy in the morning then I know I can get back to those numbers.

But here’s my idea: Be open 0800 to 1800 Monday through Friday, but then have appointment only hours from 1800 - 1900, or even 1800 to 2000. I only live down the street so I could feasibly just come back to the shop at 1930 for a smog and then go back home.

So, to keep things simple, what are your thoughts on that idea?