Update: While I was typing this she haggled and extra $100 out of a dealer and took $4100 for it. Based on your responses the deal seems well worth skipping the hassle of going private party to maybe get a few hundred more.

Hi Oppo - hope everyone is having a good Friday afternoon! Here’s the situation: My mom, who is a 67 year old widow living 1,600 miles away in Pittsburgh, is trying to sell my dad’s ‘08 Camry that she hasn’t been driving much since he died in February. The car has 75k miles and looks great inside and out. The rub: in January it was hit on the front right by a goofball who rolled through a stop sign. Basically it needed a new fender, wheel and CV. It was repaired by a reputable shop, but the damage does show up on the CarFax. So far she’s taken it to a few dealers that buy cars and the best offer she’s gotten is $4k. I’m not all that well versed in the beigemobile resale market, but I figured that without the damage it would be easy to get $6-7k for it. Even with the damage $4k seems a little low to me. Am I just overvaluing this thing or might it be possible to get a better offer? Is it worth going private party to get more? Any advice for an older single woman to deal with buyers who would want test drives, etc? Thanks!


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