My mom has a 2016 BMW 330i xDrive and a 2016 CRV, both fully loaded. She loves the power of the BMW and the utility of the Honda, but hates the running cost of the BMW (she hits potholes all the time and low profile tires means expensive flats. She also had to have the driver’s seat replaced when a shoe got stuck beneath it and messed up some module). She also hates the slowness of the CRV and its chunkiness. On average, she drives between 500 and 1000 miles per week.

What she needs: something that can carry herself plus three passengers with comfort, enough power to keep up with aggressive traffic, utility to move large items such as bikes, moving boxes, and small furniture.

What she wants: a luxury badge due to her line of work, a well-appointed interior, ability to tow, low maintenance, all wheel drive, tires with sidewall so she can hit potholes.

What she doesn’t like: lumpy CRV-style crossovers, high maintenance vehicles, trucks, BOF SUVs, manual transmissions).

Bonus: she will not drive a Subaru or anything used. She might go for CPO, though. She also wants to stay with owning two cars for convenience’s sake- one sporty vehicle and one utility vehicle is her preferred combination.


Things that I’ve suggested: a pairing of an RC350 with a 4runner (she has yet to drive either, and dislikes the truck-esque nature of the 4runner), an Accord with the 2.0t to cover all vehicular needs, Buick Regal TourX (her parents used to have a 90s Buick so any post-bailout GM vehicle is obviously right out).

Any thoughts? Nearly ideal solution for your time.