Job hunting is going well. Some really interesting positions, some not. I’d like some feedback on cars I know nothing about. I’d also like some input on what you look for in a job, whether it be money, enjoyment, balance, perks or location. I’m facing some hard choices in the weeks to come.


Looking at the jobs most likely to make an offer and the locations of those jobs, it is becoming clear that a Hybrid/Electric vehicle may make sense in the near future, since I will have to pay for my own gas again. Round trip will be 60 miles per day.


This would be in replacement of the Forte, with us retaining the Fiesta, Truck and Sportwagen.

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1) All Electricity in BC is renewable
2) HOV lane use
3) Price of gas vs. electricity
4) One job is a Government job that has primo parking for it
5) One job is a utility (power) that has a lot of parking for it



1) I know nothing about electric cars
2) Lifespan?
3) Charging?

What does Oppo know about plug in hybrids or electric cars? I am really drawn to a used I3. Charging wise, I would likely have to get a long cord into a standard house socket. I may consider installing a charger for the right price/incentives. Car would be charged outdoors.



Some interesting positions out there. I’ve made a rubric of what each offers with salary noted as a % change from what I made previously. The +30% job requires 6 months a year of travel with some not insignificant personal risk in many ways. Not something I will be taking.


Sorry it is so brutal to look at, but you can make out the field headings.

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Personally, I want to do something I love and feel like I make a difference at. If all the positions were offered, I’d take the one with a -6% change in pay (Employer 2). I’d rather make slightly less and be happy. This is the job I feel most secure in getting, more to come later on that.

Again what does Oppo look for? Commute length, work life balance, dogs at work, benefits, title, power etc. I am really quite interested.

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