I was looking at a Wusthof as well as even more expensive Japanese steel chef knives and they get really expensive.

I use shitty knives that my parents gave to me when I got my first place close to 7 years ago. I was using one of those “V” blade sharpeners and recently got a King double-sided whetstone (1000/6000 grit) to try out sharpening myself. I’m happy with the results on my cheapo knives, but definitely need to improve my technique.


That said, are expensive chef knives worth it for home cooks? I see many people like the moderately priced Victorinox chef knife, but that stuff like Global (I don’t like the handles after using my friend’s knives), Henckels, or Wusthof are on another level. Then there are fancy expensive Japanese knives which seems to be a whole other world.

What do you guys use? Do more expensive knives actually become sharper, do they stay sharper for longer, or both? I don’t think I need some fancy carbon steel knife, but I think these are the ones that become super sharp and hold an edge?


For now, I’ll stick with my shitty, but sharp knives. I figure even if they don’t hold an edge for very long that I can work on my sharpening with these knives.

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