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Oppo,how can I install stock Android on a phone?


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Oh god, this phone lasted exactly four months what with it’s titanium bezel and ceramic back, but the poor front panel is a huge glass affair that could not resist cracking against the asphalt when I accidentally dropped it in the rain. Regardless, I have dragged myself to the office’s tech who said to me “Oh you, always complaining about the company phones, why not have just one!”

So, this afternoon I’m picking up one of the old phones that no one wanted, it has been in a box for over a year and it is... a Huawei P8*

Now, I wouldn’t mind having a P8 ! but here in Mexico it’s sold as the “G elite” which packs two gigs of ram instead of three, a 1.2 processor, and a 1200*700 display which would be great! in 2015 when it came out. I know it’s my fault for not taking care of my shit, and in a way I deserve having this phone until my contract is up for renewal and I can pick another less terrible phone with the company in November or buy my own device.

For now I just wonder how I could root this phone with a naked android version so that it doesn’t run android 5.0, the tech dude said he don’t care so... I guess I’m green lit?

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