I spoke with the representative for my insurance agency. She pretty much said they dont care what I with the money. I have $1200 now what do I do?

Option A: Stop the Oil Leak

I’m leaking oil from what I think is the cam tensioner seal (or something like that) This is a visit to the shop. It would be somewhere around $1200. I think that would include a new timing belt since I think it has to come off anyway. New pulleys too and what ever other seal are removed to get to this stupid $15 piece of rubber.

Pros: I dont have to smell burning oil any more, extended engine life.

Cons: $1200!!! thats it, nothing else gets done.

Option B: All the other Stuff

This would include replacing or repairing the bumper with bondo or something like that. I would address all other scuffs scratched etc ont he grey cladding and then wither spray paint or plasti-dip all the grey. I’m open for suggestions on color. I’ll probably photoshop it tonight to see what they would look like. I would also replace the front CV axles and the secondary air pump that freaks out every once in a while. I feel like I could do those things. The rest of the money goes to a credit card and I wait until I get my raise to fix the oil leak, probably this summer some time.


Pros: more stuff gets done. Car looks better

Cons: I still have to smell oil burning

Option C: Do nothing

Drive around with a messed up bumper, dont fix anything, wait for the car to die.