I sold the Hyundai, and had an urge to spend some of the money on something even more impractical. So I did.

This is an ancient Kawasaki Prairie 250 ATC. I paid $60 for it.

The seller says all it needs is a new stator, as the one on it is cracked.
The buyer says all it needs is 600cc’s of Honda.


This is the “Deathbike”. It’s a 1983(4?) Honda XL600R I got from the salvage yard I worked at for $100. A couple years later, I found out the original owner was killed by a drunk driver while riding this bike. Forks are fucked, frame’s bent, gas tank was destroyed, seat was trashed.


The heart still lives, though. It’s got good compression and it has spark. It just needs a home, which I’ve found.

After years of talking about it, the Honda Big Red 600R project will begin.


Let’s rock.