I am in the market for a sub-$1000 winter beater/commuter/auto-x/rally-x car, and yes, I know that is a lot to ask for.

I live in a city that has about ~100000 people in it and the used car market is not too hot at the moment or really ever.

A car that needs work for me is fine but I also will be doing the work in a driveway in front of the girlfriends parents house so pulling axles and transmission is not something I can do. The reason for the low price point is the likely $1000 bucks insurance will cost, and the fact I am saving for a house down payment.

So I come you to Oppo with the best options I have found on the local Kijiji. Give me your honest opinions.

1983 Datsun 280zx โ€”> Do not have the know how or shop to fix this thing, but I really wish I did. $1000

1995 Golf Hatchback โ€”> Needs a new clutch, but looks solid other than that. Anyone tell me how bad a clutch is to change on one of these? $500


1984 Volvo โ€”> Not bad km for a Volvo, some rust on side, emailed owner already with a few questions. $1000

1998 Outback โ€”> "Needs some engine work" Would have to get more info, but still not bad for a wagon $1000

1994 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP โ€”> Always thought these were cool cars but this ad is very, very vague. $600