Oppo, I did something against your recommendation.

I bought it. I bought the E46 I looked at last week.

It was too low mileage, too close to home, and too maintained to pass up.

2002 325i, Auto, 79k miles.


I’ve had it all of 2 hours, and I like it. It’s my 1st RWD (Focus ST was very front, and Wrangler doesn’t count). I paid $3300 for it. Some deets:

The Good:

It’s in pretty damn good shape, apart from normal wear and tear. Needs a good bath, but it’s smooth, silky and comfortable. Factory Xenons, heated seats, leather, the works. It drives well.

The previous (the 1st and only owner) kept METICULOUS records. (see photo)


There’s a solid 30- at least pages of work in here, oil changes, tires, valve cover gaskets, cooling system, rear window regulators, etc etc etc. He even went as far as to have the rear subframe looked at when that whole thing was happening. It was checked 10k miles ago, and was deemed to be fine. 99% of work (including that subframe check) was done at a BMW dealership. I cannot explain the amount of time and energy and things the owner replaced. Temp buttons, trim, etc.

The freaking BMW toolkit is still in the trunk. I have the window sticker.

The Bad:

It needs a key. I only have the valet key, and I don’t want to live with just that, I’m gonna suck it up and get a fob.


The radio knob needs to be fixed. Changes volume, but doesn’t on/off. Very DIY, lots of tutorials since it’s a common issue

I’m pretty sure the two front window regulators are going. They make some noises, and they’re slow. This is going to be likely my largest headache (hopefully) and maybe, just maybe I can do the repair myself.


The A/C needs a fix too. The compressor clutch hooks in, and the compressor spins w/o and weird noises. I’m surprised the owner didn’t do this.

the A&C pillar fabric is sagging, also a known issue. I’ll just fix this myself.

More photos in the coming days, She needs a wash.

What the hell did I get myelf into?

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