Oppo I feel stupid

I just spent $70 on a copy of Need For Speed Underground 2 for the Xbox. (it cost so much because it was still in it's original packaging). I read on wikipedia that NFSU2 was compatible with the Xbox 360. Full of excitement and nostalgia, I put the disc in the tray hoping it would work. It didn't. I got a message saying "original xbox games will only work with an xbox hard drive. for more info visit xbox.com/games."

I knew something like this was gonna happen. For the longest time making minimum wage caused me to forgo making purchases like this. At this point I'll just buy an Xbox Hard Drive, even though I know it will be overpriced.


In unrelated news, I just downloaded the Fixed app for my iPhone because I got a parking ticket for street cleaning last week. Even though I feel like I'm guilty it will be awesome if they can dismiss a $66 parking ticket for me. The SFMTA can suck it!

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