What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

The y-pipe catalytic converter thing on the Quest had dissolved. I got the part and tried to undo the nuts, which had also partially dissolved. So I cut some nuts the pipe with a combination of saws-all and angle grinder which got the majority of the y-pipe off but I still had 2 of 3 ends to remove from THE STUDS. I thought they were nuts & bolts but no. so now I have a bunch of fucked up studs that need to be drilled out. MY brother-in-law got one of the 6 studs drilled, and we had killed both of my drill batteries. At this point, we dropped the car off and picked up beers. At the rate we were moving, we figured 3-4 hours of just drilling. Fuck that. After a beer, I brought the kids to the park. I’d much prefer a beer and going to the playground over laying in the driveway drilling fro hours. The ride to the shop was hilarious as there was essentially no exhaust system connected.

here, enjoy this completely unrelated car

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