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UPDATED - Oppo, I have a confession...

UPDATE: I pulled the manual out of the glovebox and actually looked at the chart (as I’d been going by memory):

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What I take from this: Timing belt section says to check ‘Note 2' and ‘Note 2' seems to suggest at every 60,000kms, ‘I’ and at every 90,000kms, ‘R’....

Now, the Legend at the top of the page says ‘I’ stands for ‘Inspect’ and ‘R’ stands for ‘Replace’, so, unless I am misreading it, it’s INSPECT the belt every 60k kms and REPLACE every 90k kms. My last belt change was done at 96,000kms so I should be good for another 10k kms, thankfully! :D

Original Post below:

....I was just checking to see when my next oil change is due (500kms)....and found out I am 20,000kms overdue on a timing belt change 0_o

Car is at 174,500kms and last time it was changed was 96,000kms, recommended interval after the first change is 60,000kms.

Chances poor Humdrum’s engine is going to explode in the next week until I get an appointment?

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