To, one day in the very distant future, build a Chevy C10 to be better than a Land Rover.

“How will you accomplish this crazy internet creature?”

Thank you, I appreciate you concerns comrade.

First of all, what are Land Rovers known for? Well their mild off road machines, not hardcore rock crawlers, and are luxurious and easy to drive.

Well I’ll start with the engine since that’s kind of the “Heart” of the vehicle so to speck.

“Ok, small block Chevy?”

NO! far to “American” it needs to be something relatively compact and sophisticated. I propose a supercharged GM 3.8/3800 as found in the park avenue and other GM models. Although crude by European standards I’d imagine it’s more lightweight than a cast iron 350. While the supercharger would provide the torque necessary for a proper truck.


“Ok how are you going to make it easy/ier to drive?”

First of all by installing a rack and pinion steering rack to make it handle better along with frame reinforcements to make the vehicle more stable and let the suspension do stuffs better.


“Well okay, but you still have a suspension that was designed when people though weed made you a psycho.”

Yes, but today we can do better. With air suspension just like a Land Rover! So that why you can lower for better handling dynamics on the street and raise it to stock height or higher for mild offloading expeditions.


“Ok not bad. But how in the world are you going to make it as luxurious as a Land Rover?”

Well by Gyropean standards, yeah it’s nearly impossible, but have faith comrades for it’s 2017 and us Americans of much less refined tastes. Espically those of us who were reared in East Texas. First of all with the 3.8/3800 there’ll be plenty of room for A/C so win. Then hack up the dash till you can fit in a touchscreen double din that’s capable of displaying maps and can sync to your phone to pump your awesome jams.


Have a small amp and some kick ass speakers and your halfway there! Now for the other half. Fortunately bench seats are relatively easy to reupholster. So just pick some nice cushions and soft fabric and boom, luxury!



So what do you think Oppo? Better than a Land Rover or way better than a Land Rover?