I have been contemplating the most jalop car EVER. and I have decided to (maybe, hopefully, maybe if my mother lets me.) make it happen, I have thought that because the answer is always Miata, I need a large part of it to be a Miata. I decided to buy a '92 Miata since that is the most jalop of all Miatas (according to me), take the chassis, and lengthen it. This would also take care of the manual transmission and RWD. Then buy a Buick Roadmaster, or other wagon. then take the body and put it on the lengthened Miata chassis. THen I would take some sort of diesel car, or engine (I'm open to suggestion because I don't have a very good idea as to where to start) and put it in the Roadmaster/Miata, (making modifications as necessary to make the engine fit. I only have 1 very minor problem (okay, well a major, major problem). I need I'm guessing around $40,000+ to make this happen, and as a student, Im about $39,700 short. (unfortunately no buried treasure in the backyard and no really rich dying relatives). I was just gauging interest, I know there are better ways to spend your guy's hard earned money, but I want to rid the world of the want of the most jalop car and make it happen.

Who is willing to help me?

TL:DR, I want to make the most jalop car ever, I just need $40,000+ to make it happen and was wondering if I should start a kickstarter or indiegogo or some other crowdfunding.