Oppo, I have a problem

The aircraft I love is one I can’t fly (yet).

This, my friends, is a Beechcraft Bonanza. Its one outstanding feature that separates it from others in its class is the V tail. I think it looks amazing.


Why can’t I fly it? This plane has several features that put it out of my reach for now. The retractable gear and adjustable prop put it into the Complex classification which new pilots aren’t qualified to fly. Also, the engine in later models put it into the High Performance category. Just like you wouldn’t hand the keys to a Corvette to a newly-licensed driver, the FAA has deemed the 200+ hp engine in this plane too much for beginning pilots. But boy do I want one!

Although the FAA doesn’t proscribe a set number of hours before getting the logbook endorsement for high-performance and complex planes, they do require additional instruction. I’m just hoping I can get through the required hours for my pilot certificate quickly so I can move up to something that can really move!

How can you not love this plane? It is, after all, “one of the most beautiful planes ever designed.


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