So I’m moving soon and I have a question about bike/pedestrian etiquette. So I plan on getting around some on the bike rather than the ‘Teg, because I absolutely hate driving in cities and plus it’s free exercise (Minus the cost of various bike parts.)

So anyway, there’s some bike lanes where I’m moving, but not a lot. Also, there’s practically none, or very few, pedestrians on the sidewalk. So my question is; if there’s a bike lane, but no pedestrians, is it ok to ride on the sidewalk?

Because for me it’s much safer to ride on the sidewalk than the bike lane of course. And in the rare circumstance there’s a pedestrian and not enough room, I could just ride by them in the grass.

If you’re wondering why there’s no pedestrians where I’m moving, it’s because in Texas our big cities are relatively car friendly and it’s hot as balls ten months of the year.