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I have to go meet with a dairy in Hanford this morning. Rosa Bros sells glass bottled milk that is simply the best you will ever taste. Their ice cream is fucking insane. They are also some of the nicest, most decent people you could ever meet, and it is humbling for a pugilist like me to work for these kinds of folks. The dairy is a little over an hour from here, and I am thinking about braving the heat and taking the bike out to the ranch. It should still be in the 80s for the ride home. It would give my butt some time on that Corbin, and me a lovely ride in the country.

After that, I have to pick up Toby and head for Monterey. Tomorrow morning, meet with one of my favorite clients, a cranky Portuguese farmer who yells at me all the time. This is a man who turned a cow and a tractor into a massive produce farming business. I admire and respect him. My morning will take me to Salinas, Gonzales, and King City before I am done seeing people.


If it gets wrapped up early enough, I plan to drive Highway 1 from Monterey to Cayucos to visit my mom. Otherwise, I will take the 101. Here is where the betrayal comes in.

I think I am going to take the GTI and leave the Sunchaser home. It seems wrong to leave it home on a trip that may involve a ride down the coast, but there it is. It is very dusty, and I have not had a chance to wash it. Also, I am going to be driving to a few different places, and the ease of use of the GTI is appealing. I mean, the GTI is a fun car too, right?

I feel dirty, Oppo.

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