Step 1) Purchase Toyota Tacoma SR5 w/4x4 with the double cab short bed.


Step 2) Get one of those zero APR autoloans.

Step 3) Monitor the inflation rate and chuckle as you pay of your loan with cheaper dollars.

$34,865 / 5 = $6,973 per year.

with the current inflation rate of 2%.

 Year 1 6,973 x 0.98 = $6,833 paid the first year. $140 saved

Year 2 6,973 x 0.96 = $6,694 paid. $279 saved

Year 3 6,973 x 0.94 = $6,554 paid. $419 saved

Year 4 6,973 x 0.92 = $6,415 paid. $558 saved

Year 5 6,973 x 0.90 = $6,275 paid. $698 saved

You saved $2,094 dollars over what you technically paid for the truck.

Step 4) Sell truck for $1k less than MSRP, because Taco tax.

Step 5) PROFIT!
Now this is when you say. “But what about insurance, gas, and maintenance?”


I’d answer. “You’re an American (even if you’re not) you weren’t gonna buy anything less than a Taco anyway!”

You: “What about a used truck then?”

Me: My exact word’s were “bestest idea in the history of finance” not economics, so we don’t account for opportunity cost.


So I’m technically correct, the best type of correct!



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