I’m at my hotel near Laguna Seca, where I intend to drive at high speed in about 10 hours and I would like to confidently do so without wondering how I’m going to slow back down.

A little less than two weeks ago I blew a new brake hose at Sonoma Raceway. I wrote a bit about it.

So the car has new braided stainless lines all around. I’ve driven it maybe two hours with it feeling perfect. Then, on my way to the hotel, on the freeway, the light started intermittently coming on. I assumed there must be a leak. I pull off and nope. It’s full. No visible leaks.

I have new rotors, new pads all around, braided lines, new master cylinder, a DRM bias spring in said new MC (to put more power to the rear brakes), racing brake fluid, and brand new beautiful stainless lines.


I can get the light to stay on if I push the pedal down fully. Otherwise it sometimes comes in when I lift and it’ll stay on until I tap the pedal and it goes out.

If I get to speed and hit the pedal to stop as fast as I can... Works great. Just an idiot light.


The same light comes on for the emergency brake. I’ve checked it’s not partially on.

I have no idea how good the folks are who did the work.

I’ve changed just about everything. The brake fluid and braided lines will add a ton more pressure to the system. I suspect there’s a sensor complaining. Or a loose wire.


I’ve got no other guesses.

This is a 92 Corvette C4 LT1.

Oh and the wheels are from a C5 which fucks with the traction control if you forget to turn it off but those are different lights. As to the wiring if you go over a sharp crest in this car the interior lights flash.


Thanks in advance for any guesses of any kind.