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Oppo I learnt today:

That this maneuver:

Illustration for article titled Oppo I learnt today:

Though thought to be illegal at the time by me, it was in fact, 100% LEGAL! According to Wisconsin State Legislature’s “Rules Of The Road”:

Vehicular traffic in the leftmost right-turn lane of a roadway that provides 2 right-turn lanes may make a right turn on a red signal into a lawfully available lane that is 2nd to the rightmost lane for traffic moving to the right.


Now I have seen signs at intersections like these that say “No Turn On Red From Left Lane” and assumed it was a state-wide law. Nope. Only in the case of:

No turn may be made on a red signal if a sign at the intersection prohibits the turn on a red signal.

Hrm. TIL.

I suggest EVERYONE look up their state’s laws and see what the particulars are of every driving scenario. Sometimes you learn stuff that will help you out on the roads.


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