Seriously, you all make this hands down the best car forum on the web. I don't know how we all do it, but the respect for each other on here is truly inspiring sometimes. It becomes so glaringly obvious how good we have it here when you try to talk cars elsewhere.

It's not that I really care what some dicknose with plastidipped wheels thinks about me, it's just that I see it constantly on that Dart group and I don't understand how people who are enthusiastic about the same vehicles can be such fucking assholes to eachother. It's him and a few others who always seem to stir shit. With this guy it just seems to be his attitude. On another post where someone was showing off their new side exit exhaust, a girl commented asking what the op did. This guy replies to her "exhaust. Don't you see the picture?" Isn't the point to get more people interested in the car and diacussing it and enjoying it? Not pushing them away because some owners think they're superior.