Sorry to double post this morning with the earlier DOTS. I think I made a mistake in buying my Forte. I hate this POS. Why anyone would buy it for the $17,900 (CDN) MSRP is beyond me. I only bought it because it was $12K. I want to know, how stupid am I for considering the below? I don’t even want to mention it to my wife as she is touchy on the subject of me obtaining more cars for some reason....

I am thinking about trading in my 2018 Kia Forte with 1500 miles on it currently on a used Abarth. You can find them below 50,000km a few years old for about what I paid on my Kia. Given what the massive discount I bought the Kia at, I think I could trade it in with no loss.


The issue is, the Kia handles for shit, accelerates like a snail and the gear-leaver feels like a banana sticking out a bowl of pudding.

I know that Abarths are essentially turds in terms of quality, but goddamn, I love them so much. They radiate happiness. I see them downtown and I just smile as they roar past.

Life is far to short to drive boring cars, even for work.

Thoughts? Am I stupid? If so, how stupid.

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