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Oppo I Need Help!

So. I currently have a 2015 Colorado as my daily. It’s fine. But I honestly don’t need a truck now. I started doing some early looking into a replacement, but now I’ve hit a snag.

I found a small car that I enjoy. However, I now found that for 2019 it’s no longer available with a manual, which is one of the reasons I like it. I called my dealer friend and there’s 5 2018s in the country, which is why I’m being vague about what I’m looking at exactly... if you’re one of the people I’ve told, please don’t spoil it.


Am I crazy trying to pick from 5 cars, the closest being 900 miles away? I’ve ordered most of my cars before, so not seeing it doesn’t scare me, but I’m most likely going to have to compromise something. My dealer contact was working on a value for my truck for trade in, and didn’t get me the details for the 5 cars yet.

Should I just get a 2019 with more features, except for the automatic transmission? Or hopefully find one of the 5 cars to be something I want?

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