Oppo, the hive mind here is the only one capable of helping me. I’m going to be flying from STL to San Francisco later today for a week work trip.

While I’m there I’d love to find a lovely rust free interesting car and drive it back.

My issue is that I’m too scattered, do I want a mini truck, suburban, bronco, old VW, 80s Japanese coupe, convertible, full size truck and so on.

Im looking mostly for a truck or SUV for exploring/hunting/camping/light towing and not necessarily a daily. The right quirky old car would definitely sway my opinion though.

Budget is $2500ish and with minimal work it needs to be drive able 2k miles back home. I’ve found plenty of good candidates already, but keep changing my mind and finding new ones.


If I do manage to find something and take it home with me I’ll be sure to post regular updates from the road as I scramble across the mountains hoping to dodge any snowstorms crossing the mountains.

Help me OPPO, you’re my only hope.