The Q45 has reached a point of no return, and it’s time to move on. I have an eclectic taste in vehicles and for that reason my #1 priority is finding something in great condition for a good price. Oppo suggested the Q45 and that turned out great, so maybe the fine folks around here can come up with something I wasn’t already considering once again? My requirements are incredibly broad.


- over 200 horsepower

- sedan or coupe

- either reliable or possible to work on yourself (the less reliable it is the closer to 10k it needs to be)

- manual transmission or shiftable automatic

- relatively easy to find, I don’t want to drive 200+ miles.

- decent interior

- must have less than 80,000 miles, preferably way less.

Absolutely No:

- front wheel drive

- I4 engines

- V6s

- non shiftable automatics

- live axles AKA Mustangs

Major Bonus Points For:

- track/auto x able

- nice comfy back seat because I’m the group day trip organizer/driver

- 300+ horsepower

- easy to modify/wrench on because my friends and I do all of our own work.

- dramatically different in some way from my previous cars (635csi, Q45).

The Current List:


- C4 Corvette (92-96)

- C5 Targa

- V8 Genesis

- LS460

- 2008+ WRX

- Legacy GT

- Legacy 3.0R

- S60 T6