So on the 19th I got into a car accident. I was going through an intersection and got T-boned in the passenger doors by a work van. I got hit by the van with him going about 40mph, the impact spun me around and I almost hit a pole. At the scene I was kind of out of it and in shock but said I had a green light. The work van driver said he had a green light. Then a witness said they saw I had a red. I got a ticket for disobeying a traffic signal-with damage.

Luckily I have a dash cam and after getting home I checked the footage and it clearly shows that I have a green light for several seconds before I go through the intersection and while I am going through it. It also shows the van hitting me.

My car was towed and as it’s a 2005 Toyota Corolla with minimum coverage I didn’t have insurance look at it but I decided to scrap it to pay for the tow since it was damaged pretty severely and I didn’t think it would be worth repairing.



Luckily I’m mostly okay, I’m still sore in the neck and back. The worst part was the emotional and mental trauma. I already have depression and anxiety so this made everything worse. I had a really hard time getting back in a car and being a passenger let alone a driver. I am making a lot of progress with that though. Today I made the hour commute to work okay. It was my first day back since the accident.

I did call and request a court date to fight the ticket. I want to use the footage as evidence to fight the ticket. I live in Michigan which is a no-fault state but I want to get out of the ticket and maintain my clean record.


Everyone I’ve talked to about it thinks I should also sue to help cover the cost of my replacement car. Especially since it was a businesses work van that hit me after running a red. I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t have a lot of money as a college student. I really want to get out of the ticket and the points that come with it, especially since I know that I had the green light. I did some research on line about suing them and am getting mixed results on what to do.

I could really use some guidance and advice with this Oppo. I would appreciate any help with this.