Oppo! I need some car buying advice.

So it turns out that the C4 was enough of a basket case to the point where the locking mechanism had somehow separated from the keyhole in the door handle to the point where I couldn’t actually unlock and open either door. It was at that point that I gave up and resolved to going back to square one.

So, I compiled a list of cars I’m interested in that I might want to buy instead.

I then whittled down that list by a few cars when I forced myself to realize that the cars like the Ford EXP and Buick Skyhawk Wagon simply don’t exist anymore and any nice mid-90s Chevy Impala SS is far out of my price range.


So after my whittling, here’s my list:

-another C4

-8th gen Chevy Suburban/1st gen Chevy Tahoe (my uncle lets me drive his Suburban from time to time and it feels like driving an absolute tank)

-Eagle Talon, because why the hell not?

-Buick Reatta (you’d be surprised how many of these things are still operable)

-1992-1995 Buick Skylark, and only those years. I like weird-looking cars.

-Fifth-gen Olds Cutlass Supreme (I have a thing for late model Oldsmobiles)

-First/second-gen Taurus SHO (any newer SHO is out of my price range)

So, Oppo. Which one of these do you recommend, if any? Am I a maniac for having some of these on my list? Do I have poor choice in cars? Are there any other interesting/unique cars from the 80s or early-mid 90s you’d recommend?

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