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Oppo, I need to come clean about something

On May 21st I put a .40 caliber hollow point bullet through my leg. I know Oppo has plenty of gun lovers, myself being one of them so that’s why I’m telling you guys about this. Somewhat of a story below, but I urge you to read it if you have a minute.

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It was a normal Saturday spent at the range with my younger brother. After shooting at the range, I put my magazine of hollow points back into my Glock, chambered a round and put the gun back in my IWB holster. I went home that day like normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

Night time rolled around and my brother and I were talking about our pistols and the upgrades we planned to make to them in the future. I should note that my brother and I own/carry identical Glock 23s. I picked up his gun, unloaded it and set it down. After setting his gun down I got distracted and ran upstairs from my basement to take care of something. I came back to the basement after a couple of minutes and picked up my handgun which was still loaded from earlier in the day. For you folks that know Glocks, the first step in disassembly is pulling the trigger and I did so - about 8 inches from my left leg.


The hollow point tore into my lower leg, fragmented, broke my tibia and ripped out the other side of my leg and ended up embedded in the drywall in my basement. The gun jumped out of my hand and I didn’t realize what had happened until I noticed the hole in my jeans about a minute and a half later.

My brother was sitting to the left of me on the couch. I very easily could have shot him. Just thinking of what could have happened to him literally makes me dry heave and feel ill. I could have killed my brother - my best friend. Just typing this has me in tears.


Basically what I’m trying to say here is that you can NEVER be too careful with guns. I got cocky. I thought it could never happen to me and now I’m suffering the consequences with months of recovery and physical therapy. Recovery is going beyond well but trust me, checking a firearm two, shit even three or more times before handling it is beyond invaluable. Your or somebody else’s life could literally depend on it. Stay safe out there Oppo and make sure you’re more responsible than Big Bubba Ray because he’s a dumb shit.

I should also note that I’m not at all ashamed by this incident. I got what I deserved and am paying the price! I have many nicknames now such as: The Marksman, Gimp, Legs and the most popular, Dumbass. If you want to make fun of me, have at it because all I can do is laugh about this now. Also please do not use this as an opportunity for a gun debate, that is not my intent. I just want to make sure everyone here is as safe as they can be with firearms because an accident can happen to anybody.

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