It’s not really car related, but I need somewhere to vent over some work frustrations.

I cannot wait until next week when we finally have some adult supervision in the office again. Our boss is on vacation this week and I’m covering her shift, although just as a worker bee and not in any supervisory capacity. The problem seems to be with cell phones. Some people can’t be trusted to use them only on their own time, and it’s causing additional workload from those of use who are responsible enough to keep them tucked away during working hours.

One guy took three 5 minute breaks in the first hour of his shift to allegedly go 20 feet to get more ice for his cup. Then he’s staring down at his phone most of the morning, keeping it out of view of the security cameras, whilst the rest of use are taking all of the phone and radio calls. Yahoo is up on his computer screen, and there’s no work-related reason he needs to be on Yahoo. He clocked in from lunch and then immediately took a 20 minute restroom break, making my lunch 20+ minutes late. Another guy takes at least two 20+ minute breaks to allegedly drop a deuce during the day, usually during times of peak activity. We get an hour for lunch and a 15 minute break, and these guys are really pushing it. What do you want to bet that these breaks wouldn’t be nearly as long if they didn’t have their phones with them?

I tend to prefer working in the afternoon when most of the people on shift are all 50+. They’re not addicted to social media and are there just to get the job done. There’s a certain professionalism and responsibility that comes from knowing that if they get fired at their age it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to get another decent job like this, something that the kids in the office don’t seem to understand (and may need a harsh lesson to figure out.)

I like my co-workers, but sometimes I wish they’d stop it with their phones, seemingly endless socializing and visiting of non work-related websites. I don’t want to sound like a nag, but I resent having to increase my workload so that they can spend company time on non work activities. Come in, work your shift to the best of your ability, and then go home and have a life at that point - am I asking too much?