Earlier this year I was working a job that, for lack of better words, was hell. Long commute, crap pay, horrible boss and mismanagement all around. After about 2 weeks of discussions, I convinced (sold myself?) the owners of the small town dealership to hire me back and manage their internet presence again. This was great for all involved as their internet 'department' was severely lacking and thus, under-performing. Win win, right?

I love working there for the most part but there are some things (mismanagement of the service department) that irk me more than it should. The service manager picks and chooses which clients get taken care of and the rest he dismisses, often to their faces. He brings in a lot of 'sales' and gross dollars so he gets to stay. There is more to that story but that's the basics.

Rewind a bit. During my time at the awful job with the long commute, I interviewed for a position at a local grease processing plant. It's excellent pay, great hours, fully paid for health insurance from day one and raises every year. Due to a merger and other issues at the time I was unable to get hired there. I had been chosen for the job but the new management needed time to assess the company and how it worked. All the people who interviewed me are still there and have contacted me recently.

They have offered me the job without a new interview and want to discuss what it will take to get me there. The commute is only a mile more than what I am doing now as well. The only problem? I have only been at this job that I fought for 3 a little over 3 months. I respect my management and feel like we are friends (we are friends and I know it's not a one sided feeling). Thus, I feel like I can't even consider this new job because of my relationship with these people.

If I were to leave the company so soon would I ever be welcomed to buy there again? How about seeing them in the grocery store? It's a small town and the last thing I want to do is upset anyone. They have been very good to me.


I currently have no health insurance and can't afford it even with the company offered plans. I don't know what to do. On one hand I have health insurance and advancement opportunities and the other I have neither. Both companies are really great and I don't want to be that guy who bails on a company just because a better opportunity comes along. Let me be very clear, this isn't just a job where I am. These people have always been there for me. Help. What would you do?

This, believe it or not is the short story. I could write a book, I swear.

Thanks Oppo.

Have a picture of my awesome dog, Odie, enjoying an orange push pop.