So I recently switched to dual booting Windows 10 and Linux. I have a project I have to do, since it’s important I decided to do it in Windows 10 with Excel to avoid anything getting screwed up from making in LibreOffice then my professor opening it in Excel.

Open up a new document in Excel, but it opens it up in my browser through they’re fucking version of Google drive or whatever.

Decide fuck that, save and download the file and start working on it online.

An hour later I finish it and save, close, and upload the file where I’m suppose.


Check the file I uploaded to the site to submit my assignment AND IT’S A BLANK FUCKING SPREADSHEET!!!

Open said file on my computer, it’s fucking blank, despite microshit telling me the document saved correctly.

I’ve checked on OneDrive and I can’t find the worksheet I completed and saved.

Is there anyway I can get it? I named and saved, so it has to be somewhere.

And again, absolutely fuck microsoft for their bullshit “We’re gonna make you do shit online that there’s no reason to have to be online for.”


Absolutley fuck these guys, I should’ve just done it in LibreOffice.