Oppo I Need Your Help: WTF is This?

Earlier in the week I found what looked to be an Ethernet cable shoved into my headliner above the mirror. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it could be for. Tonight while I was hard wiring my dash cam and had the A-pillar trim out I decided to pull the wire and whatever the hell else that is it’s attatched to out.

The “module” had a wire that tapped into a fuse slot in the interior fuse block and a wire grounded to one of the dash mounting studs. Then the Ethernet cable (no idea if that’s actually what it is) ran up the A-pillar, across the roof, and stopped right above the mirror.


Googling anything related to cars and Ethernet cables just brings up that new cars are running Ethernet in them so I can’t find anything. Even aimlessly browsing ESC tuning for any sort of electrical thing it could be for was futile. So, I’m lost. And because it wasn’t doing anything as it was, I just removed it.

Oh, I also installed my tow hook plate bracket. It’s a bit rice but I absolutely refuse to drill holes in my untouched bumper.

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