Oppo, I started a thing! (+ dream build)

Hey, all! Recently I got to thinking about my dream car and build, which is a heavily modified Lotus Exige (more on that later). I have been trying to decide what kind of paint job I would have on the car, whether it's a solid color or a design. I'm also a big fan of the Martini livery, and was wondering what a tribute to that may look like, so I hopped on Fourza and got to work. Now, it's not perfect by any means as it is still very work in progress, but this is where she stands at this point.


I'm really not wild about the front. I believe that needs changed. I also was not sure what to do about the rear, so it's a bit bland for the time being. Let me know what y'all think, what you like, don't like, any suggested changes. I'm willing to start completely from scratch anyway, so anything goes.

Dream Build:

As for my dream build. I've always been a big fan of Lotus, but nothing gets me going more than an Exige. It's my dream to own one, and fortunately for myself, my future career path may allow that in short term. However, I couldn't possibly allow myself to keep it stock. Almost everything will be performance oriented. I'd actually like to first get my hands on a 2ZZ-GE engine and begin modifying that in preparation for what I'd be bolting on in the future.


My next goal would be acquiring just a rolling chassis at the very least. I won't really need it to have a working engine or transmission. I'll at least fix any body issues the car has while I work on dropping in the engine and getting the thing running. After that is accomplished, I would like to add on a turbo. Depending on delivery of power and how much she puts out, I may even go compound charged. That's right, I won't this thing to be bat shit insane.

Most everything else will be about making sure I get the power down and safety. Definitely going widebody, may install a partial roll cage, aggressive aero kit, new seats and harnesses. In the end, it may closely resemble the Lotus /Drive featured a while back, but she will be my own personal version of crazy.


TL;DR 1) Let me know what you think of the Martini tribute. 2) I want to own a stupid fast Lotus.

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