I managed to grab myself a set of brand new Toyo Proxes R888 for half off today! They grip unbelievably well, and don't even ride all that bad. You might be asking yourself, "Well what the hell is the problem then?!" (Update!) Also a new technical question about tire wear.

Here's the thing. This tires are sitting on my daily driven Protege5. COMPLETE OVERKILL, but I have tracked it once and plan on tracking it again. You would think, "okay, great track day tires." However, I will be driving this car mostly every day. I put 12,000 miles on my car last year and the treadwear rating on these tires is ridiculously low.

I went into America's Tire looking to buy a set of Continental DW's, but came out with these for the same price. All I was thinking was "TRACK DAY BRO, CANYON CARVING BRO, NO MORE UNDERSTEER BRO!" Can anyone chime in and let me know if I can make these last, or should I go do the sensible thing and buy something with a treadwear rating that is more than 100...

(Updated Bits) So I went back into America's Tire to either exchange the tires or see if I could negotiate a price lower. Ended up getting another $100 off! Deals like that don't show up often, so I am keeping them. A good drive up in the mountains the other night showed me the light.

So now for the technical question. After the drive in the mountains the tires are showing some wear. I just want to make sure this is normal, or if I need to do something with my alignment.


The rubber on the outside shoulders isn't smooth after my spirited drive. Is there something different I should be doing?