Oppo, I think I might be losing it

Because I’ve been looking at C300s recently. Specifically 2013 to 2014 white C300s with tan interiors, precisely like this one.

To make matters worse, not only is it a Mercedes, obviously, not a BMW, it also has this in it:


That’s right, it’s got an automatic transmission. So yes, the person who owns two manual BMWs is looking at an automatic Mercedes. Why? Well, up until a few hours ago, a CEL had been glaring at me every time I drove my 328i. This was right after spending a bunch of money to rectify oil leaks and bad coils, so I was about done with it.

While it might not be as trilling and engaging as my 328i is to drive, it might actually make a better commuter. I wouldn’t dread sitting in traffic riding the clutch, not that there is much traffic on my commute now. It would also be interesting to experience something different for a little. I’ve bought three cars in my life, all of them BMWs. The only time I owned a non-BMW was when I had my Explorer, because that was bequeathed to me. The Mercedes would also probably connect to my phone and play music. While my 328i does have both a USB and an AUX port, they’re broken. It also has bluetooth, but bluetooth for music was not a thing in 2009 BMW world.


Additionally, while the sport trim didn’t come with a hood ornament, apparently the grills are interchangeable so I could have a hood ornament. While that may seem like an immaterial reason to have one, I would enjoy it every time I drove the car.


So yeah, I want a C300; however, as of this afternoon my 328i seems to be CEL free. That will probably quell my desire to get a Mercedes for a little. 

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