So I was originally clued into this 2001 4.0 Laredo by a coworker who asked me to check it out and see what it needed to be roadworthy. Her parents are now giving her their spare car so she’s passing, and now I think I’m going to jump on this.

It was left in the care of a mutual acquaintance by someone who has since gotten a new car and moved out of the area. It’s been sitting for close to a year and the dude just wants it gone at this point. He’s offering it for the low low sum of $500.


I’ve already jump started it and done some prelim work. It needs a new battery and tire and that’s about it. Subframes aren’t too crusty, and the interior doesn’t smell like it’s leaked at all while sitting. The only real issue I’ve found is that the HVAC is stuck in floor/defrost, which is totally livable.

I’m just waiting on confirmation that the title exists before I commit.

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