I was walking through the parking lot and noticed a girl driving an older VW CC (like above) and was feeling bad for her because it was going to be expensive to fix. I then noticed a sticker on her trunk.... she bought it at Carmax!

I walked up to her and began talking to her. She seemed genuinely interested in talking about her car and dealership experience, which was a nice surprise. She told me she picked out the car, dealt with the dealers, and brought her mom in order to cosign. She was 18 and was working for most of the payments. I asked about the warranty.

"Of course I did! I'd be crazy if i bought a used VW with nothing; well crazy and broke!"

I wanted to ask her about how she knew of this secret. I wanted to learn so much more. But then the bell rang, and we had to get to class.

So, owner of the Carmax CC, if you do in fact read this, well done!