Oppo Ideas: Politics Edition [I Promise It's Good]

Blatantly stolen image from Sunshine State News
Blatantly stolen image from Sunshine State News

The American Democratic National Committee released rules today for participation in upcoming presidential primary debates. That, and political debates, are boring. What is not boring is the requirements for participation.


The DNC will invite candidate with 1% support in three separate polls (lame), or, OR, 65,000 donors, with a minimum of 200 donors in each of 20 states (awesome)!

This presents an opportunity. Oppositelock has over 65,000 regular American readers, probably. With enough support, we can put an official Oppo candidate in the debates. We can bring the important issues affecting Americans, like the 25-year import ban, closure of racetracks, and the shrinking supply of CJ Jeeps to national prominence.

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