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Oppo, I'm afraid and anxious.

But before I get into that, a positive. I took last (LAST) weekend and put new motor and trans mounts on the e46. She’s smoother than ever and a lot of the noise has been toned down. Even the suspension feels more put together. It’s incredible. The old engine mounts were probably almost 1 inch shorter than the new, and the trans significantly as well.

I still need to do the rear diff bearing, but that’s later in the year. Photo b/c she (well he, Jerry) looks good. Then onto my fears (below the fold)

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Now, onto what’s giving me anxiety.

We’re supposed to get married May 31st. That alone should give you an idea of what’s irking me. The tri-state area just put a ban on gatherings of over 50, and our venue is in New Haven, CT - in a state park, no less.


I’m worried, and have a bad feeling that the date we’ve been planning for heavily for a year is going to get killed / we’re going to have to postpone a year.

I understand the ramifications of going through with it, if this nightmare hasn’t slowed down, but that doesn’t mean postponing your wedding isn’t near soul-crushing.


To be honest, this is just a vent for me. Working from home is hard for me, and that’s whats happening for the foreseeable future. We live in a 700sq/ft NYC (Queens) apartment, and cabin fever is real. We’re considering escaping to one of her family’s places in PA to isolate and get away, because my parents are also in Queens, so that doesn’t help much. Plus they’re older and I don’t want to give them anything.

This is gonna be a tough few months oppo. Let’s all try and hold it together. <3

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