Oppo, I'm an Insomniac

Well, For tonight I am anyways. In my inability to sleep I thought I’d try to diagnose my front end chirp on Veronica. It only happens at low speeds, goes away after the brakes are warm, and only in a forward gear.

I looked up those symptoms on the interwebs and after a being scared for a bit that my U joints have failed, I found a jeep forum talking about my exact symptoms being caused by the auditory wear indicators on disc brake pads.

So I took off a front wheel and found this:


I know my rotors are warped, but those pads are toast. It looks like I’ll need brakes before wheels. And because my wheel bearings are in the rotor and those need to be replaced too, I may as well do it all; rotors, pads, bearings, races, dust caps, the whole shabang. Thats $100 out the window. Lets hope that winter comes late this year.

I havent worked on my truck in ages because; a) its been reliable and b) I cant afford to do any fun mods atm. It feels so good to have grease on my hands again.

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