I am super unmotivated to buy a new car, even though I want/need to and can. My friends wisely pointed out that at my current rate of car shopping I’m going to drive my car into the ground and sell it for $500 on craigslist ... like I have for every vehicle in my past.

I shouldn’t buy a new car because you know, student loan debt, so no 124 Fiata. I like the idea of new experiences, so I shouldn’t get the best SC300/400 I can find. I like driving something different and I’m just not in love with the way the NC looks. For the price of a nice S2000 I should probably just get a 1 year old used ND Club.


That rebuilt, turbo’d E30 wagon is dope, but if it was a coupe I’d like it more. I don’t carry things so I want to be unpractical at this point in my life. Zs are nice, but its another V6 coupe that I personally don’t think looks as unique as the Crossfire.

I went to test drove a Solstice GXP that was just broke, but I probably shouldn’t let that detract from all of them or the Saturn Sky Redline. The only other cars I’ve test driven in the last 2 months of looking were the ND and 124.

TLDR - Crossfire is at 183k miles, and I want something unique, reliable, with a manual, preferably 2 door, under $20k. Halp with car buying.