I’m thinking about going out of my way to put softer springs/shocks on my car.

I have a 2nd gen Volvo S40 T5 (turbo) with over 250k on it. I’m the second owner, first one took very good care of it.

Being the turbo model, it has stiffer sport suspension. However, it’s an automatic turbo car with over 250k miles on it, so I don’t really drive it that hard because I need the turbo and engine to last at least a few more years. Plus even with the upgraded suspension and engine, it’s still not the kind of car I like to drive hard. I just like the smooth and strong power for hectic city and interstate driving.

One of the rear shocks is bad, and I figured if I could find a good deal on the comfort springs and shocks, just replace everything.

I just wanted to ask if any of y’all have gotten a chance to compare the comfort/sport springs for the Volvo and if it’d be worth the trouble.

Again, it’s not like I strongly dislike the sport suspension. It’s just it needs some suspension work and it’s one of those “Might well <insert unecessary repair/modification> while I’m at it” kind of things.