Oppo, I'm finally breaking down

The old Oppo logo is a distraction to hide the important image.

Not as in breaking down on the side of the road as usual. But breaking down in the way that I am buying something ridiculous. Let me tell a little story:


Many moon ago a man was just shy of turning 16, this man wanted a car to suit his personality and be very unique. Some things had happened where he could afford to pay for a cheap car out of pocket so he set off to the internet. On the glorious internet he searched many a website and like many of us he landed on the fabled Electronic Bay(eBay for those of you that don’t want to put up with my crap). He saw the car he wanted, NAY, needed.With a clickity clack his bid was entered. Hours of waiting were ahead, luckily most of them were sleep because it was 10 pm on a school night. He awakens and there are still several hours until the auction is over, he must wait until he gets home to discover the result of the auction( the iPhone would not be unveiled for roughly two more months, you whippersnappers). The young man rushes home, as fast as a big yellow school bus can rush down a country road that is. Excitedly he runs up to the computer. HUZZAH, he has won the auction he is now the owner of a white on black 1987 Lincoln Hearse. His dad borrows a trailer to tow it home, it runs but it is several hours away.

That is the story of how the first car in our group of friends came to be. This car took us many places and we got up to many shenanigans in it. Sadly three years ago this car encountered a problem and the mechanic said it was not worth fixing, car has low value and my friend probably could not tell a power steering pump from an alternator. The car was replaced with, *shutters*, a convertible Sebring. But ever since it has been sitting in the pasture across from his Grandpa’s house, I verified this yesterday the weeds are at least half of it’s height. Here in the next few weeks I shall talk him into a price that I am willing to pay and start working on reviving and then modifying this beautiful machine. I have finally found something that I am willing to spend time and money on as a project. Like many of the people that have been in it before, I foresee a little bit of hell in my future.

This is not a picture of the one, but one very much like it. Oddly I couldn’t find a picture of a white one with a black top.

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