Long story short, my wife's car (a 2009 Corolla) is totaled as of today. Fortunately, neither she nor my 6-month old son were in the car. Just me. I was not at fault, there were multiple witnesses and a police report, but still I want to keep the story to myself for now, because reasons. But now I need suggestions for what to look at to replace it.


  • Model year 2008+
  • Under $9,000 (we want to own it outright), although I'll entertain interesting stuff up to $10K
  • Automatic transmission
  • Four doors; most likely a sedan, but I don't think a hatch/wagon will put anything out of the running on that criteria alone
  • Really safe—my son rides in it almost daily
  • No SUV or van
  • As spacious an interior as a 2009 Corolla, or close
  • LATCH capable for car seats
  • MPG above 32

Remember, this is my wife's primary mode of transportation since she can't drive the FiestaST. What are your thoughts? I was already thinking Civic, Accord, Corolla, Camry, Impreza, Legacy, maybe a Volvo?