Not the fun kind. The identity kind. For years, I’ve been a BMW fanboy. I have the classic car to prove it. But recently I have been tempted by the devil...

That devil being Mercedes Benz, of course.

And here’s why this is an issue for me: I have always liked BMW, and it’s been a brand that’s been a part of my life from the moment I was born (I was driven home from the hospital in a 1973 BMW 2002). I have also actively disliked Mercedes for a while now. At my school, Benzes were driven my kids who didn’t care about cars or driving, but cared that their parents bought them a Mercedes because of the brand prestige. Mercedes drivers in my area are the stereotypical BMW drivers everywhere else. Mercedes drivers annoy me and their cars (excluding anything made before 1970, and the Hammer) have never done anything to excited me, so I never really got it. But recently I can’t help but be attracted to their cars. It seems like Mercedes is tweaking their designs just enough to keep it interesting while BMW is getting a little stale.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m bored of BMW and their design language.

Look at this shit. It’s all gorgeous. I even (mostly) like the way the CLA looks...


Well, I’m off to repent.

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