I'm in the process of buying my first car, and earlier today I saw an impreza wagon locally that was definitely NP and so I wanted to go see it, but since my mother was out with my aunt and I was at home watching the dog I was going to wait to show her until she got home, well when I went to go find the ad, (it was posted yesterday (August 3rd because it's still the 4th of August where I live) it was removed. I since haven't found anything locally as good on craigslist, if you guys would be willing to help that would be awesome

I need something to be able to work in the snow, get decent gas mileage (doesn't have to be great, just as best as possible), be able to able to haul stuff because my main form of income is mowing lawns and yard work. And be relatively mechanically sound.

It also must be an automatic (that's the only total requirement that I can not cross at all, it's not my choice, it's my mothers stipulation and she won't budge)

Out of mine the most important is being able to move stuff.

EDIT: I forgot to put my local craigslist which is http://pullman.craigslist.org and my budget which is about $2000 at the complete maximum.