So I'm visiting my family back in India for a few days.

My heart broke a little when I saw my old scooter. This was the first thing I drove with a motor on it.

My sister has been using it to get around. And it seems like she's taken a liking to crashing it. Quite frequently....



I drove it a bit and I started noticing things. It idles at higher revs, seemingly (fuel air ratio is rich?). But it stops running sometimes when I idle it sometimes (?)

Only one of the side indicators works and the rear brakes don't work at all. The battery just died today.


She didn't know any of these things till I told her lol

Taking it around the city is fun though. I drives well. Stopping is not so nice anymore.


As many of you know, driving in India (and South East Asia for the most part) is pure chaos. Things like stop lights, lanes, turn indicators, direction of traffic and absence of animals is not guaranteed.

For these reasons, I still can't bring myself to drive a car in the city lol

But this zips through traffic nicely. Thats why I love driving these in India.