Oppo, in need of advise

So I think I am coming down with my quarter life crisis, if such a thing exists, and not in the traditional sense.


So back story. About 4 years ago, I finished my undergrad, and moved to California on a whim. From there, I found a job in a research lab through a neighbor, where I still more of less spend my days. One day, this stunning woman walks in, introduces herself, and things go from there. 3 Months ago, we got married! (strange how life turns out)

Anyway, back to my crisis. Its strange how married life is the same, but different. In the past, I did things for me, and only me. Now, I am always thinking about how things effect us, and only us. Gone is the selfish attitude, and as I stare here at our framed wedding picture on our desk, its tough the think back to those selfish days.

This is the root of my problems. I am hesitant to ride by bike anymore. It genuinely gives me cause for concern. Not for the lack of my riding abilities, but the rest of the cell phone wielding, Starbucks drinking, Instagram loving scum who we must share the road with. The thought of anything happening to me, or worse, my wife, as she quite often rides on back, will not leave me alone.

Now it might be easier to say, just ride more safe. Believe me, I don’t think I can get much safer. I take courses, ride with all (and I mean all) gear, don’t drink and ride etc.


I went riding this past weekend and I enjoyed myself, but that nagging thoughts kept creeping back. What if, what if.

So am I not sure what to do. I love my bike, and selling it to anyone would surely result in heart break, we’ve been on far to many adventures. But surely the woman I married is far more important than any piece of steel and plastic, no matter how loud and Italian it is.


My wife, bless her, says she will support whichever decision, and certainly won’t make me sell it, but I might be talking myself into it.

Sorry for the ramblings, I think getting things out on ‘paper’ helps my decision making. Any older oppos care to give some sage advise?

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